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Alinco DX-SR9E
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Frecuencia: VHF 2 mts. (144-146 Mhz)
Entrada: 20/50 W. (conmutada)
Salida: 500 W.
Alimentación: 220V. C.A.
Consumo: 1,2 KVA.
Peso: 14 Kg. aprox.

• HL-500V is a solid-state VHF/144MHz band linear power amplifier with the maximum
output power of 500W. Switching type AC to DC power supply is built in.
It’s great for 2m DX communications as well as EME, QSO.
• AC voltage is automatically selected between AC 100V and 240V. No rewind of
AC primary voltage is required, if you change opening AC line voltage.
Only the AC plug change is needed to fit your particular operating location.
• A pair of the latest RF MOS FET, MRF 151G’s, designed by Motorola,
are used at the power amp stage achieve a stable output of 500W max.
Broad band design has eliminated the troublesome tuning operation as
is needed with a tube type linear amplifier.
Turn the AC power switch and you will be on the air, with the duct structure for
cooling air flow, an ideal cooling affect has been achieved
• RF key circuitry is built in. When the RF driving power is detected, the amp
will be automatically keyed. Also the STBY (stand-by) terminal is located at the rear
papel with which the amp is keyed though the radio.
• Various protections have been built in such as for power supply, antenna,
RF power amp board etc, for the safety.
• A large analogy meter monitors the forward and reflected powe always.


VHF 2m band (144~148 MHz Amateur Band)
RF Drive Power:
20W and/or 50W (Switch selectable)
RF Output Power:
In/Out Impedance (Zin/Out):
50 Ω (unbalanced)
Final RF Power Transistor:
MrF 151G x 2 (by Motorola, M/A COM.)

Amp. Circuits:
1) Meterings for Pf & Pr
2) RF key circuit ( carrier send/receive switch)
3) Protection circuits (for antenna open Short,
over current/Idc, PA unbalance, over driver, over heat).
AC Power:
AC 100V~240V (Auto select), 1.2 kVA max.
In/Out connectors:
Type N
13.6x5.7x15.40 inches (WXHXD)
Approx. 14Kgs.
Accessory Parts:
Coax Jumper Cable (69 cm) x1
RCA plug x 2
Spare fuses 25 A x 1, 2 A x 1
AC power cord x 1
Cooling Method:
Forced Air with Book Fan

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde Wednesday 11 June, 2008.
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